mariƫl wolters graphic design
Internschip Oilily Oilily is a dutch brand who is mostly known for it's colourful childrens wear. Nowadays Oilily is working on expanding their product line aiming to become a lifestyle brand. Besides clothing there are already cosmetics, bikes and soon to be released buggy.
During my internship I worked for five months at Oilily's graphic design department. Some of the things I did was: design things for the facebook page, the webshop, a print for a T-Shirt and even a font! I loved my stay and I hope that in the future I can do work for Oilily again.
For more information about Oilily visit: Production info
Method: Fullcolour print. Paper: Natural Evolution, White ,120 gms.
Cover: White cardboard, 250 gms.
Binding: Pamphlet stitch with pink yarn.