mariël wolters graphic design
Invitation Graduation Exhibition
Graphic Design 2013 I used the floorplan of the exhibition as a startingpoint in the design. The students came up with this idea since the hallways are small and it's easy to miss out someone if you don't look around corners. This way the invite can also be used as an overview to find your way. Size: A5
Method: Silkscreen, one print run. Colour: Neon red
Paper: Uncoated white, ± 250 gsm. Wayfinding Exhibition Graphic Design 2013 Because the spaces are a bit hidden we used the same visual langue on the floor. When you enter the floor of the graphic design exhibition you find arrows with names of the students. Follow the lines and you automatically find their exhibition space. By using the floors instead of walls or hanging signs, the wayfinding will not compete with the individual exhibition spaces, but is still clearly visible. Materials: Adhesive vinyl in matt white.