mariƫl wolters graphic design
Birth Announcement Nikkie Nikkie's parents wanted a square card just like the one for their first daughter. That card was made by Hikje, with happy co-lourful flowers. For Nikkie's they wanted the same style and letter but butter-flies instead of flowers., since that's the theme for the nursery. They wanted to have a more sturdy look than girly so we chose red and blue as the basic colours with some pink accents here and there.
The butterlfies are bold and graphic. To make sure the colours pop I chose to print the card on 300 gms superwhite cardboard. The orange envelope makes sure you notice your card in the mail. The softskin paper comes in bright colours and feels soft to touch.The heart shaped seal sticker is the cherry on top!
Production info
Size: 135 x 135 mm
Method: Full colour print
Paper: Hagelwit natuurkarton, 300 gram
Envelop: Softskin in orange
Seal Stickr: Mat vinyl in magenta
Impression: 125 pieces