mariƫl wolters graphic design
Graduation Project 'Do Colour' For my graduation project I continued to use the subject colour from my thesis. The starting point was to share my own fascination about this subject to other people. Finally my targetgroup got down to children age 8 and up. I chose this group because the curious and discovering side of children suits the subject really well and compares to my own view on colour.
 I decided to tell my story through an inter-active book. The book lets children disco-ver colour in three steps/chapters. After going trough the book they will under-stand what colour is, where to find it and what to do with it. Trough connecting educative information to physics experi-ments and creative assignments the information becomes understandeble. I hope to arouse the child's own creativity with the activities in the book.
 Right now my book is not available to buy, but I hope to release it in the future. Any news about this will be posted first on my website. Production info
Size: 210 x 275 mm
Method: Full colour printed.
Paper: Natural Evolution white 120 gms. Details: Linen backbone in cyan blue. Headband and ribbon marker in orange.